GBL/RU Barbecue

GBL/RU is a rustic barbecue made from granite and stainless steel for a park or rest stop area.

The GBL/RU barbecue combines attractive design with high-quality materials and is vandal-proof.

– Coal holder made from 3 mm stainless steel – secured to the granite blocks.
– Coal holder with open front for emptying ash.
– Grate made from stainless steel Ø6 mm, 10 mm spacing.
– Grate dimensions: 70 x 50 cm
– Chopped granite block: 15 x 30 x 160 cm
– The grate is secured to granite block using chain.

– As shown in pictures.

– Functional and decorative element in a town park, courtyard, playground, or similar setting.

For more details about the product, refer to product sheet.