ByMunch Bench 2

ByMunch Bench 2 is the smaller of the two benches in the set; the length and seat heights are the same on both products, but the back rest is higher on ByMunch 1.

ByMunch series is designed by the ByMunch design agency. The set consists of two benches (each with a different back rest height) and a table, which can be combined as required by the customer. The series provides a wealth of combination options and the design allows modules to be set up as mirror images. The sub-elements can also be set in a random sequence and with random lengths. The benches are very comfortable and the design’s beautiful curves make them very unique and attractive. The ByMunch Series can be used in a variety of settings: a pedestrian street, a park, next to water, etc.

– Frame: 15 x 50 mm flat steel
– Gable ends: 3 mm sheet iron
– Cladding: 30 x 30 mm mahogany battens
– Securing: 6 mm RF screws
– All steel parts are hot-dip galvanised.
Any colour options in accordance with the RAL system.
– We reserve the right to make changes without notice.

– Supplied with adjustable feet
– Standard length table: 60 cm
– Standard length benches: 180 cm

See the product sheet for more details about the series.