CO/5 bicycle stand

CO/5 is an attractive and simple bicycle stand with semi-circular clamps that suit all types of tyre and ensure that any bicycle lights fitted on wheel hubs are not damaged.

CO5 is easy to clean with plenty of room for a brush. It is available as single or double stand.

CO/5 is an attractive and traditional bicycle stand with a simple and timeless design. The bicycle stand has semi-circular clamps that suit all types of tyre.
The materials and production methods used to manufacture the CO/5 bicycle stand make it an ideal choice for withstanding the rigours of the Danish climate. The bicycle stand is made from high-quality materials, maintenance-free, and manufactured in Denmark.

– Hot-dip galvanised steel.
– Can be supplied in powder-coated version with a specific RAL colour.
– Columns: Ø14 mm round iron
– Side pieces: Ø33 mm tube
– Columns: Ø89 mm

– Fitting types:
– Cemented
– Wall-mounted
– Bolted to surface
Distribution/positioning of clamps:
– Single-sided or double-sided.
– Straight (90 degrees): 50 cm between clamps.
– Angled (45 degrees): 40 cm between the clamps (alternatively 50 cm)
– The total number of bicycle parking spaces per row is adjusted to meet customer requirements.
In the case of cementing or mounting on the surface there are normally five (ten if double-sided) bicycle parking spaces between the columns.

– Can be used with standard bicycles, racing bicycles and mountain bikes because the clamps are conical.
– The shape of the CO/5 allows space for bicycle lights on the front wheel hub, e.g. Reelight.

Length/total number of parking spaces is adjusted to meet customer requirements.

See the product sheet for more details about the series.