Type 14 bicycle stand

Type 14 is a traditional bicycle stand. It is usually used with renovation activities and extensions of exiting housing, and it is particularly used by schools.

Because each bicycle is parked in the stand via the handlebars, there is no risk of damage to thin wheels.

There are 40 cm between each bicycle parking space, which means the Type 14 is well-suited for those locations where there is limited space and there is a need to maximise the number of bicycle parking spaces.

– Hot-dip galvanised steel
– Columns: Ø12 mm round iron
– Side pieces: Ø33 mm tube
– Hairpin: Ø33 mm
– Socket pipe: Ø37.1 mm
– Brackets for wall mounting: Ø19 mm

Fitting types:
– Cemented hairpin
– Wall-mounted
– Hairpin bolted to surface

Distribution/positioning of arms:
– Single-sided or double-sided.
– Single-sided: 40 cm between arms.
– Double-sided 20 cm between arms.

– The total number of bicycle parking spaces per row is adjusted to meet customer requirements.
In the case of cementing or mounting on the surface there are normally four (eight if double-sided) bicycle parking spaces between the columns.

Length/total number of parking spaces is adjusted to meet customer requirements.

For more details, see the product sheet.