Type 8 bicycle stand

Type 8 is a traditional bicycle stand.

Every other bicycle is raised slightly, which means there only has to be 40 cm of space between each parking space without adjacent bicycle handlebars becoming entangled.

Ideal for locations where there is a need for maximising the total number of bicycle parking spaces in a given area.

Available for wall mounting, mounting, and cementing.

– Hot-dip galvanised steel.
– Can be supplied in powder-coated version with a specific RAL colour.
– Columns: Ø12 mm round iron
– Side pieces: Ø33 mm tube
– Hairpin: Ø33 mm

Fitting types:
– Cemented hairpin
– Wall-mounted
– Hairpin bolted to surface

Distribution/positioning of clamps:
– Single-sided or double-sided.
– Straight (90 degrees): 40 cm between clamps.

– The total number of bicycle parking spaces per row is adjusted to meet customer requirements.
In the case of cementing or mounting on the surface there are normally five (ten if double-sided) bicycle parking spaces between the columns.

– The traditional bicycle stand, used in may settings over many years.

Length/total number of parking spaces is adjusted to meet customer requirements.

For more details, see the product sheet.