Louise Litter Bin

Louise Litter Bin is made from 3.0 mm powder-coated steel plate cladding; it is extremely vandal-proof! The litter bin is available with/without ashtrays that can be emptied when the litter bag is replaced. The ashtray can be removed and emptied.

The opening mechanism design means that when the litter bin is opened up, the bag tilts towards the user, enabling the bag to be replaced in a single motion while remaining visible to the user.

The litter bin is equipped with an internal hot-dip galvanised container, which the litter bag is attached to.

– Leg: Ø194 mm
– Lid: 5 mm drawn aluminium.
– Sides: 2 mm steel plate.
– Lock: Triangular key, snap lock
– Capacity: 60 l
– All steel parts are hot-dip galvanised.
– As standard supplied in colour RAL 7021, but the customer may choose another RAL colour.

– Cemented or mounted

– For disposing of litter in urban and park environments.

See the product sheet for more details about the series.