AMM/1 Bollard

This design consists of traditional cast iron bollard/frames. Cast iron bollards are often used on castle grounds, with country estates, mansion houses, and in Old-Town areas, but they can also be used in many other settings. Cast iron bollards can be fitted with chains or stand alone.

AMM/1 is a simple bollard made of strong material with a lined body and round top. The AMM/1 bollard is available as a stationary or removable model.

The bollard has an elegant look and can be used in many different settings, either as a stationary or as a removable bollard.

– Cast iron.

In general:
– Supplied untreated or Gotek coated in four colours.
– All types can be made with reflectors and hooks for chains.
– We reserve the right to make changes without notice.
– Reflector strip, if required (either white, yellow or red reflectors).
– Can be supplied in powder-coated version with a specific RAL colour.

– Type AMM/1 Large: height = 98 cm
– Type AMM/1 Small: height = 61 cm
– Cemented or removable.

– Decorative barrier set-up
Prevents vehicles passing or prevents vehicles from driving into brickwork, etc.

See the product sheet for more details about the series.