PL/5 & PL/10 Bollards

PL5 and PL10 are traditional bollards with rounded tops and space for a reflector strip.

PL5 – PL10 are available as stationary or removable bollards.

– PL5: Ø140 mm
– PL10: Ø170 mm
– Two slots for reflector
– Reflector strip inserted in the two slots, if required (either white, yellow or red reflectors).
– Hot-dip galvanised
– Can be supplied in powder-coated version with a specific RAL colour.
– Removable version of PL5 and PL10 supplied as a bottom and a top part and with a locking bar.

PL/5 – PL/10, stationary bollards:
– Cemented

PL/5 T – PL/10 T, removable bollards:
– Bottom part cemented in ground
– The removable top part is set on top of the cemented bottom part and can be secured with a padlock and a locking bar that is fitted to the side of the top part. The locking bar has a small cover welded on, which protects the padlock from the rain.

Prevents vehicles from passing or driving into brickwork, etc.

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