SV/4 Bollard

Using a Ruko key, the SV/4 bollard can be released and laid down on the ground. This is to allow access to fire routes or to cordon off areas on special occasions, for example.

The SV/4 bollard is an attractive and effective solution. Many customers choose to powder coat them, and, if required, attach reflector with the text “FIRE ROUTE”.

– 15 x 50 mm flat steel
– U-profile 50 x 100 mm
– Hot-dip galvanised
– If required, can be supplied with text “FIRE ROUTE” in white or yellow reflector.
– Can be supplied in powder-coated version with a specific RAL colour.

SV/4, stationary bollard:
– Cemented
– on footplate

SV/4 T, removable bollard:
– Bottom part cemented or bolted in the ground
– Top part of the bollard can be opened/closed using a Ruko lock. When opened, the bollard can be laid down along the ground, to allow the fire service to pass, for example.

– Prevents vehicles passing.

For more details, see the product sheet.