JF/HH Shelter

Shelter/Bicycle Shelter in a modern design; the version shown has gutters. All of the sides are covered in perforated plate. All parts are hot-dip galvanised.

If the shelter is required to be used as a bicycle shelter, the HH/20 or CO5 from HITSA A/S are ideal choices for using for bicycle parking.

The shelter can be configured in several ways to meet customer requirements: a shelter for bicycles, motorcycles, waste shelter, etc.

– Columns: Ø114 mm
– Purlins: 50 x 100 mm steel tube
– Rafters: 30 x 60 mm steel tube
– Gable end/sides: 1.5 mm perforated plate or as required
– Frames: 20 x 40 mm steel tube
– Roof: Steel sheet panel (1.5 mm), polycarbonate panel (4 mm) or 2-layer thermoplastic (8 mm)
– Ties: 50 x 5 mm aluminium
– Foundation: Ø40 x 90 cm cement, which is cast on-site

– Span spacing: Max. 4.0 m. The length of the shelter is entirely up to the customer.
– Standard cladding: hot-dip galvanised perforated plate. If you require another type of cladding, HITSA A/S will be able to supply this.
– Can be supplied with sliding gate(s), and lock(s) if required.
– Can be supplied with zinc gutters
– As shown in the images, JF/HH 240/575 can be combined in several ways, including as a double shelter that can be closed securely using a gate.

– Shelter for bicycles, motorcycles, prams, waste containers, etc.

See the product sheet for more details about the series.